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Welcome to Natural Pet Food's lTD, Bangladesh.

Welcome from Natural Pet Foods ltd, Bangladesh. We are manufacturing following pet treats:

  1. Bully Sticks, Dry Cow Ears, Dry Cow Throats, Dry Green tripe, Dry beef Tendons, Beef jerky, Chicken Jerky.
  2. Dry Fruits division produces Dry Banana, Dry Mango, Dry pineapple, Dry Lychee, Dry Jack Fruit.
  3. Bird Foods like Dry Sunflower Seeds, Dry White Sesame Seeds, Dry Mastered Seeds, Dry Hemp Seeds and Dry Mealworms.
  4. Bird Feeders.

The raw materials are available in Bangladesh and cattle’s are feeding natural grass, no use ready feed. And at our manufacturing process not use any chemical finally we irradiated by GAMMA Ray (Cobalt-60).

At our manufacturing process we do not use any kind of Chemicals or ingredients, so our products are 100% natural & organic.

We are FDA, USA & GMP, UK approved manufacturer, so we follow the FDA and IFS rules at our production.


Our services

Natural Bully Sticks, Dry Cow Ears

Why Bully Sticks & Dry cow ears
  1. Healthy and All- Natural.
  2. Promotes dental Health.
  3. Varity.
  4. Completely Digestible.
  5. Dogs LOVE them.

Beef Jerky

Perhaps the greatest benefit of feeding your dog beef jerky is the nutritional value it offers. While other commercial treats are loaded in artificial preservatives and additives, beef jerky is all-natural. Aside from a few flavoring ingredients like salt, it only contains beef. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing that your dog is getting a protein-rich snack that's not filled with harmful ingredients.

Beef jerky also doesn't leave a mess. With some other treats, the dog may break up the treat into several small pieces, leaving behind a mess on the carpet. Beef jerky, however, doesn't have this problem. Dogs typically consume every little crumb, eliminating the need to go back over your floors with the vacuum cleaner.

Finally, beef jerky isn't loaded in fat. It's made using lean cuts of beef, meaning it's mostly protein with little fat.


Chicken Jerky

  • Now we are talking serious crunching here.
  • A true value sized full pound of chicken jerky crunch pleasure.
  • Made with only 100% FDA instruction chicken of course.
  • Single ingredient, no preservatives, a healthy treat for your dog.
  • These formed chicken jerky sticks are easy to break into smaller pieces for any size dog.
  • This bag size is great for breeders and dog lovers alike.
  • An easy way to stay in the chips!
  • The happy sound of crunching will be following you through the house.
  • This is an all natural and healthy treat for your best friend to enjoy!

Dry Fruit's & vegetables

1.       Dry fruits of Dog using all-natural fruits selected at their peak and then dried to form a simply irresistible treat.
2.       Dry Fruits are the perfect treat for your small dog or as a reward during training.
3.       Dogs love the taste of Dry fruits and when combined with mouth watering ingredients you've got a treat sure to get tails wagging.
4.       An organic Dry fruit is a natural snack that will help provide your dog with beautiful skin and coat. You can be proud that your dog is eating organic dry fruits dog treats. 

Bird Food's

We are processing 100% natural crop’s Bird Food’s as follows:
1.       Dry Sunflower Seeds.
2.       Dry White Sesame Seeds.
3.       Dry Mastered Seeds.
4.       Dry Hemp Seeds.
5.       Dry Mealworms.
Our all products are natural, low mousier, clean. We are offering good quality with good price.

Bird Feeder's

We are manufacturing Wooden many designed Bird Feeder's . For our E-catalog please mail us. 

Our Treatment Partner of USA

Gateway America

Our Treatment partner is “GATEWAY AMERICA”, USA.

The shelf-life of meat products, and fruits and vegetables is enhanced because they contain fewer spoilage bacteria.

Food irradiation (the application of ionizing radiation to food) is a technology that improves the safety and extends the shelf life of foods by reducing or eliminating microorganisms and insects.

Irradiation can be used to destroy insects in or on tropical fruits imported into the United States. Irradiation also decreases the need for other pest-control practices that may harm the fruit.

Irradiation Safely Extends Shelf Life

  • Irradiation has been approved to be used to treat: Fruits, Fresh Foods, Spices, Fish, Poultry, Meat, Cereals, Dry fruits, Onions, Potatoes, Garlic, Ginger
  • Reduction of spoilage bacteria and molds that can grow under refrigeration. Irradiated strawberries can last weeks in the refrigerator without developing mold.
  • The shelf-life of meat products is enhanced because they contain fewer spoilage bacteria.
  • Shelf-life can be extended for certain foods using radiation by lowering the population of spoilage causing organisms, including bacteria and mold.
  • On certain fruits and tubers, irradiation delays ripening and/or sprouting. (e.g. Irradiating berries to reduce mold. Irradiating fresh fruits to extend their market reach. Irradiating potatoes, onions and garlic to impair cell division and allow them to go through the “off” season without sprouting.)

It is now well known that irradiation is one of the most effective and safe methods for the elimination of pathogens and insects in food. That technology, however, has been somewhat inaccessible to the food-processing industry - the cost of the process, as currently practiced, makes irradiation too impractical to warrant widespread routine use. We are using this technology for our dog treats products.

Why Natural pet Food's?

1. We are offering you our products are 100% natural , antitoxins, germs & bacteria free . Our all products are human grade and following FDA & IFS rules.

2. We are committed on schedule time shipments.

3. We are strict on 100% good quality. 



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